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maldivesMaldives Dive Travel is the greatest reference site I have ever stumbled across, and I’m so glad I found it! If you were looking for a great place to dive, the Maldives are it! The intricate reef system here is unbelievable. I was surprised at first to find out how little I actually knew about the Maldives, but this site has everything, from travel information, local customs, local language, and weather, to Liveaboard boat rentals, Guest Houses, and Resort islands. It is a one stop shop to the greatest destination you have never visited. If you have been here, there is surely still information for you, they have prices of rentals, cruise info, a blog which is chock full of tips on great dive locations. You are also sure to find pictures of fish and stories from other divers here.

Although it was a little tricky for me to find at first, if you go to the blog, there is a tab at the top with flight information which I found to be a great starting point for finding the best travel information for my flight. I wasn’t sure where to fly into, or what airports served the area, but if you can find the tricky little tab on the blog page they have a wealth of knowledge in there. Lastly, there is a Question and Answer (Q&A) on the main page that has a wealth of great information to commonly asked questions. Even as great as this site is to navigate around, I found myself intently reading through everything on the Q&A and getting answers to questions I hadn’t thought of asking yet, but needed to know the answer to before I left. Overall, a great travel site, and I would highly recommend you check it out if you have any interest in the Maldives at all.

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New Jersey Shore baby

New Jersey Shore babyNew Jersey shore has some of your wealthiest sugar daddies in any state. They are business owners, stock brokers, and actors. There are many celebrities that call New Jersey home, and these sugar daddies know how to treat their ladies. gives eligible people the opportunity to meet handsome sugar daddies. It would be nothing to see them spending thousands of dollars in Atlantic City, and most of these men want a gorgeous woman to share their time and spend their wealth on. So, stop daydreaming about the life you want when you can be living that life. Learn more about sugar daddies in New Jersey.

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Hilarious StandUp Comedy: StandUpBits

A new YouTube comedy channel, StandUpBits, will give television presence like Saturday Night Live and the David Letterman Show a run for their money. Comedy got its beginnings in America with the radio show–in the late 1920s–when the Cuckoo Hour was launched. By 1950, there were 25 comedy variety shows on television, and today late-night shows like the Tonight Show and Conan O’Brien fill out the offerings.

The new channel will be accessible via the web, and will offer, daily a new release, one new video, bit, or sketch each day. Also, the channel will offer about 4,500 videos, sketches, stand-up routines, or pieces in general. Viewers can easily access these from any location, from the airport to the train station to the office or home.

The site can be found at

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Last Minute Rabatte für Maledivenreisen (Youtube Video)

Da wo der blaue Himmel kein Ende hat und die Sonne ihre wärmenden Strahlen das ganze Jahr hin sendet, wo die Träume beginnen und niemals aufhören, da beginnen die Inseln.
Die Malediven mit ihren vielfältigen und zauberhaften Unterwasserlandschaften und schneeweißen Stränden, entsprechen voll und ganz den Traumvorstellungen eines Inselparadieses. Im Südwesten von Indien, liegen 1200 kleine Inseln malerisch in Form einer Halskette, im Indischen Ozean. Weniger als 315 000 Menschen bewohnen die Malediven. Die maledivische Wirtschaft besteht hauptsächlich aus zwei Einnahmequellen, der Tourismus und das Fischen, wobei der Tourismus an erster Stelle steht. Bei einem äußerst angenehmen, konstanten Klima von 29 Grad scheint der Sommer auf den Malediven nie enden zu wollen. In 70 er Jahren öffnete sich das Land dem Tourismus und brachte vielfältige wirtschaftliche und kulturelle Veränderungen mit, dennoch hält die Bevölkerung an alten Traditionen und am islamistischen Glauben fest. Male ist Hauptstadt der Malediven, ein geschäftiges Treiben macht sie so lebendig, farbenfroh und liebenswert. Ihre Bewohner, welche 30 Prozent der Gesamtbevölkerung ausmachen, leben und wirken in ihr. Das Leben in einheimischen Fischerdörfern und auf den Resort-Inseln ist hingegen beschaulich. Nicht nur durch seine traumhaften Hotelinseln, sind die Malediven bekannt. Die wohl besten Tauchreviere der Welt, gibt es hier zu erkunden. Unvergleichlich ist die einzigartige, geheimnisvolle Welt in den Tiefen des Meeres mit seinen gigantischen, zusammenhängendem Korallenriffen. Unglaubliche Meeresgeschöpfe sind hier zu bestaunen, welche in ihrer Vielfalt seinesgleichen suchen. Vielleicht kreuzen sich Ihre Unterwasserwege mit denen von Wahlhaien oder Mantas, wer weiß? Eine maledivische Kreuzfahrt ist die Attraktion. Entdeckungen zur See versprechen Abenteuer, Freiheit und Entspannung pur. Die Einzigartigen Welten, der besten Tauchreviere der Inseln, lernt man hier kennen, denn die Freiheit sich täglich an einem anderen Ort zu befinden und neue traumhafte Unterwasserwelten zu erkunden ist die pure Faszination. Wohl kaum ein Urlaubsgebiet vereint so vielfältige paradiesische Eigenschaften wie die Malediven.
Die besten Preise finden Sie bei:,
dort finden Sie Sonderangebote und Last Minute Rabatte.
Zahlen Sie nicht zu viel für Ihren paradiesischen Aufenthalt auf den Malediven, informieren Sie sich bei den Experten mit Bestpreisgarantie.
Leben Sie Ihre Träume!

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The daily new funny: StandUpBits

StandUpBits is offering more than just bits and pieces, which is usually a trademark of YouTube, by launching a new comedy channel that is dedicated to stand up and comedy videos. Just launched, the site offers 4,500 videos with a new comedy video being released each day. The site plans to continue unveiling one new video per day.

With links and connects via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, StandUpBits combines the best of social networking with the television station, offering, perhaps, a leap forward in internet-based television, which has been slow to be launched via the internet. Channels in all sorts of genres could, potentially, follow, much in the way MTV, had it caught on, might have been a precursor for stations revolving around concepts or genres like music and comedy. StandUpBits promises to put together that spark of intention with the execution of going beyond the collection of bits and pieces to offer a streamlined station, much the way television shows began to replace radio shows in the early 1950s.

For more information, visit the site at the StandUpbits Youtube channel.

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Offer your services on Gigbucks

Did you start a new business but having a hard time getting clients? You will be able to get your name out to many of different people without spending a lot of money on advertising. You are able to join Gigbucks for free. The only time you will have to pay anything, is when you are done with the gig. Gigbucks will take the fee out of the money that you just earned. For example, when you post a service for $5.00, they will take a $1.00 for the fee. The reason why they take a fee for every service that you have done is due to them bringing the sellers and buyers together.

You will be able to post services, that you business does. When you post a service, you will have a good chance of several different people looking at your service. Then, if they are looking for the service that you are offering, they will be able to ask you do what they need to be done.

With using Gigbucks, you will only be able to post your service for $5.00. That is standard for everybody that joins Gigbucks. You will be able to post services for more money but that can only be done when you have completed services. The highest that you will be able to go on being paid is $5.00.

When you get paid the money will be placed into your Gigbucks account. You will be able to keep it there until either you want the money or you can take it out right away. You will need either a PayPal or a Payza account to be able to transfer the money too.
Gigbucks is a very legit website. When you post a service, do not ask the buyer for any personal information until you get a request to do the services that you are offering.

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Saving Maldives coral reefs

Saving Maldives coral reefsImagine, entire ecosystems disappearing over the course of a few years, which took several centuries to come into being.

The Maldivian beaches are quite special in their own way, as the white sand is produced by the coral reefs that surround the islands, each grain of which is the skeletal remains of a living reef organism. But when corals die on a large scale, there is more to see to the eye than what’s really happening.

The dead coral reef would crumble into large chunks under wave action, and from organisms like as bacteria, algae, fungi, clams, worms, and fishes. This would result in stronger erosion on the beaches, and while the supply of fine white sand is no longer there, the beach eventually is replaces with large cream coral pebbles that signify that the reef around is lifeless and dead.

About 97% of corals in the Maldivian Archipelago had perished in 1998, the hottest year in history, following which, due to extensive work, some of the corals have begun to show signs of recovery. With resorts and government agencies experimenting with new technologies, there has been signs of faster improvement.

One of the technologies out there is Biorock technology, which uses very low direct electrical currents to grow solid limestone structures in the sea and greatly speed up coral growth and survival. Completely safe for marine and other life, the survival rate of corals is many times higher than otherwise. Learn more about the Maldives.

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Growing-up and getting married by Claude Shires at LA’s Ice House

Growing-up and getting married by Claude Shires at LA's Ice HouseFor the contemporary up-to-date comedy-consumer, Claude Shires offers his show at LA’s Ice house, you are kidding if it doesn’t keep you euphoric for the full twenty minutes. His wacky intelligence might be giving you abdominal pain, so make sure you don’t eat too much before watching. Some of the jokes are so funny he laughs at them himself. His non-commercial style keeps the people in the audience wild and exited. The show could be classified as non-political and owns the right crowds although some of the humor does plunge into broad varieties of topics. The people sound like they know him pretty well, at least the cheers and laughs make it seem that way. Crowd participation spontaneously reaches out and revives the more quiet moments of the show keeping it hilarious the whole time. As opposed to most comedians, he keeps it personal from beginning to end. He won’t hesitate to make a fool of himself while describing everyday life from a funny point of view.

His original humor kind of bathes everyone from top to bottom making it in-personal in a certain way as well. Most of the content is easy to follow and keeps everyone laughing out loud for a long moment after the punch lines. Some of his best jokes are easy to anticipate and just a facial expression or a certain gesture sparks a roar from his audience before he even gets to the end. If you have the urge to get back into a better mood don’t miss it. Make sure you have your kids in bed as most of the content is somewhat explicit. Granted the opportunity, don’t miss out and make sure you leave a comment. At least some sign of appreciation towards the guy, he does earn it. Have fun! Read more about stand up comedy.

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